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Ann B.
Satisfied Patient

There is no reason to live in pain.

The treatment I have received has been totally life changing! I am living pain free for the first time in 20 years. I can get up, walk, stand and live pain free. Dr. Sopchak and his staff can change your life. There is no reason to live in pain – there is help and healing.



Satisfied Patient

You will change your life forever!

I came to the office because of whole body pain. I had extreme emotional pain from the loss of my son. Dr. Sopchak asked me to do NET with Lindsey. It was the best thing I ever did for myself. If Doc says to try NET. Please do it. You will change your life forever.

Satisfied Patient

Our family has never been healthier!

What a difference Dr. Bill has made in our family. Our family has been more healthy and had few doctor visits since we began making chiropractic a part of our lives.

AnnMarie D.
Satisfied Patient


My first thought and feeling is GRATITUDE! Thank you for being passionate and committed to teaching and sharing the real deal about how our bodies and minds work. Thank you for blessing me with a healing touch, an encouraging word and a safe place to be truthful.
Thank you Angels.