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Nutritional Evaluation

At the Sopchak Natural Health and Wellness Center we recognize the depletion of our vital nutritional needs as playing a key role in the deterioration of our overall health. As our food sources become more and more deficient of the needed minerals and nutrients and our consumption of the over 14,000 food additives allowed to be added to the processed food we are eating daily, our need for nutritional support is inevitable. Even those who are careful about what they eat suffer from mineral nutritional deficiencies due to our depleted soils and chemical sprays used on crops and trees.

We evaluate the health of your organ systems and your nutritional deficiencies to determine what nutritional support can be tailored to your specific needs. Nutritional supplements we utilize at our office include:

  • Standard Process – *
  • MediHerb
  • Nutri-west
  • Nordic Naturals
  • Weed Botanical